AI Data Center Cabling

Securing the Right Cabling Solution for AI Applications
Amidst the array of new transceiver types utilized in applications like NVIDIA DGX, ensuring precise compatibility can pose a challenge. We specialize in guiding you through the realm of cabling solutions tailored for AI, ML, and HPC applications.


Fiber Cabling

The nervous system of any modern data center. We offer a wide range of high quality fiber optic cables. Not only do we offer fast delivery but in many cases we are also able to save our customer money, without compromising on reliability.

Getting most out of Colocation

WDM plays a crucial role in DCI today, but for many clients with colocation and a rented dark fiber, a passive xWDM solution can be a cost effective way to getting most out of your available capacity.


As we all know, Direct Attach Copper (DAC) and Active Optical Cables (AOC) is a widely used component in data centers today. But the options provided by the most popular OEMs does not always cover the customers needs. this can either be in term of length needed or compatibility.We are able to offer DAC and AOC products, with customized compatibility, so you can use it to between two different OEMs.