Our Products

Fiber Optical Cables

Fiber Patch Cords, Pigtails and Trunk Cables.

Passive xWDM

Passive xWDM Multiplexers and OADM.


Splitters, Couplers and Co-Existing WDM Filters.


Trunk cables, breakout cables, panels and cassettes.

Optical Transceivers

Affinitec offers a comprehensive range of optical transceivers to meet all your network requirements.


Adaptors, attenuators and fiber optic cleaning products.

Your ideas matter

Good ideas comes from the field

Our experience has shown that the best ideas often originate from real-world experiences in the field. We invite you to share your insights about what your installations might be missing or how they could be optimized for greater efficiency. Your practical input drives our continuous improvement.

Quality & Compliance