Are you ready for the future of DWDM

As the demands for capacity and bandwidth continue to surge, optimizing our existing optical infrastructure becomes imperative. In this regard, xWDM has emerged as a robust and time-tested solution. By harnessing the power of xWDM, we can efficiently leverage our optical networks, meeting the escalating demands for data transmission with utmost professionalism and efficacy.

One notable advantage of passive xWDM solutions lies in their reduced potential for failure points, thanks to their reliance on passive devices without the need for power. When it comes to maximum capacity, DWDM takes the lead, offering a remarkable capacity increase with up to 96 channels.

Where are we today
Many modern networks employ passive DWDM with standard 10G Transceivers using 100GHz spacing. This configuration allows for up to 48 channels, with 40 channels being the most commonly used. However, with the growing demand for higher data rates, we are witnessing advancements in optical transceiver technology. New transceivers are now capable of reaching speeds of 100G and 400G, addressing the need for increased data transmission capabilities. Embracing these new technologies opens up exciting possibilities for network expansion and enhanced performance.

Ready for the future?
The conventional multiplexer using 100GHz spacing provides a 50GHz passband, which is suitable for applications like 10G. However, as we integrate 100G and 400G Coherent Transceivers into our networks, we encounter a challenge. These Coherent DWDM Transceivers require a slightly wider passband due to the modulated signal.

To address this issue, some multiplexers with 200GHz spacing have been introduced, but they result in reduced utilization of the DWDM spectrum. Here at Affinitec, we have developed a solution that offers the best of both worlds. Our 100GHz DWDM multiplexer provides a wider passband of 75GHz, accommodating the requirements of the Coherent DWDM Transceivers while maximizing the utilization of the DWDM spectrum. This innovative solution ensures seamless integration of higher data-rate transceivers into your networks, enabling enhanced performance and efficiency.


Even if you currently have no plans to introduce 100G or 400G Coherent DWDM transceivers, our solution ensures future-proofing for your network. By adopting our 100GHz DWDM multiplexer with a wider 75GHz passband, you will be well-prepared for any future upgrades or expansions. Our forward-looking approach guarantees that your network will remain adaptable and ready for upcoming advancements in data transmission technologies.

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